The author:
Hello world! I am a thirty-something bursting at the seams in my sleepy, American town.  I work two jobs, scrap aluminum cans, and sell belongings on eBay to fund my trips.  I blog in my spare time as a way of sharing my love of nature, pushing for environmental + social change and expressing my emotional journey.

I also love my pitbull, spending time with family, skydiving, animals, wakeboarding, tennis, rock climbing, appreciating + creating art (in its various forms), trying new food, surfing, hiking, eating, Latin dancing, shooting, the universe and reading.

UPDATE 2017: My time is scarce for these next few years since I am pursuing an M.A. in Geography, focusing on conservation biogeography so thanks for bearing with me!
Contact information:
I have tried to include as much relevant information as possible (mainly with Puerto Rico), however, there's just not enough space to share the details of every itinerary, lodge, restaurant & excursion company.  Should you have questions or want to say hi, contact me at gorocketdog (at) hotmail (dot) com. Videos & compilation movies are organized on YouTube via my channel: gorocketdog.

So where to next?  I always add more destinations than I can remove!

Things I have yet to try:
  • Surfing
  • Being with whales or dolphins (preferably both) in a natural environment I SWAM WITH DOLPHINS IN NZ!
  • A nude beach
  • Kite-boarding
  • A "polar plunge"
  • A beach rave
  • Photographing the Northern (or Southern, or both) Lights
  • Dreadlocks
  • Yoga
  • Learning to play my didgeridoo
  • Rock-climbing something fierce
  • Speaking Tagalog
  • SCUBA diving
  • Oceans: 4 / 4  ...and I've swum in every one!
  • Continents: 3 / 7
  • Countries visited: 16 / 195
  • Closest to Equator: 13° 43' N (Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia)
  • Closest to tomorrow a.k.a. International Date Line: 178° 17' (Korovou, Fiji)
  • Closest to North Pole: 80° 16' N (Liefdefjorden, Svalbard, Norway)
  • Closest to South Pole: 39° 41' S (Ohakune, New Zealand)
  • Languages spoken: 2
Green = WANT to go
Yellow = HAVE visited