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Standards [part I]

“Hell is other people.”
– Jean-Paul Satre

It was winter in the northern hemisphere.  One morning, on just the short, 30 yard walk from the parking lot into my office, I was already frozen to the core. My legs felt as if they were supported by Minecraft blocks of ice instead of toes and feet.  Though the temperature loomed just above 0ยบ F, the sharp wind dropped it well into the negatives and left my face lobster red.  The parking lot's asphalt was no longer charcoal-colored but caked white from the remnants of so much salt used to combat the voracious weather.  Outside my building, every space that was once green, healthy and thriving was either buried under snow or crunchy with frostbite.  Overhead was a gray cloud that swallowed the whole region, whose milky-ness never changed throughout the day.  By the time I exited the building at 17:00 it resembled – and felt like – midnight.  It was a typical December day in Ohio.

Even though Mexico neighbors my home country, it differs vastly…