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"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Foremost, traversing the globe to Australia from the eastern U.S.A. is no simple feat.  In fact, it is futuristic time travel! On 1 June, Mom and I departed from LAX a.k.a. Los Angeles to MEL a.k.a. Melbourne well after dark, around 22:00.  From wheels up, we were locked in the cabin of the Airbus for 18+ hours.  Eventually, our vessel touched down in the land down under....on 3 June.  2 June had evaporated and was in limbo somewhere over the colossal Pacific Ocean.

If anything, I'd guess we were actually traveling back in time, since I had not seen daylight in over a calendar day (the 4 hours spent in Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX + the 21 aboard Qantas + the layover in MEL + the 4 journeying from VIC a.k.a. Victoria to WA).  No matter where I landed, it was still dark; only the scenery had changed.  My grandma at home in Ohio had passed two full d…