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Wild child

"The things that we love tell us what we are."
-- St. Thomas Aquinas

As mentioned in previous posts, Surprise and Nicky + Missel were the fan favorites to everyone.... except me.  I too wanted to adopt Surprise and shower her in affection, but juvenile Piccolo was my lodestone because she exuded many qualities I see in myself.

First, I liked Piccolo merely because she was not the popular vote.  None of the vollies a.k.a. volunteers ever voiced wanting to work with her... and I love rooting for the underdog.  In preparing to race Hermit Crabs in Nacula, Fiji, many guests at Oarsman's Lodge chose the most muscular crustacean or one based on their lucky number.  In no rush, I was the last of the visitors to near the pool of Hermit Crabs where 3 out of 20 remained.  The leftovers.  At 5 feet 1 inch tall I am often the shortest person amongst my friends and co-workers back in the U.S.A.  However, I am such a pistol I've managed to scare 6 feet 3 inch tall boyfriends with m…