"All the world's a stage, And all the men & women are merely players"
-- William Shakespeare

Sometime around the year 2010 an idea rooted itself in my mind & flourished.  I wanted to visit a nude beach.  To me it seemed like the epitome of letting go, physically and mentally.  Strip off your clothes &, likewise, strip away your inhibitions.  Leave your self-consciousness in that stack of clothes. A nude beach embodied absolute freedom.  Freedom to feel the wind and water on every part of your body. Freedom from others' judgment equated to acceptance.

On occasion I would get into debates with friends or survey coworkers on the subject.  Still fixated on this nude beach goal, I tried finding one on the Greek Isle of Santorini in 2011, but never did.  Now, in 2015, I was 3 weeks into my 5 week road-trip around Western Australia when I first read the words "clothing optional" in a tourist pamphlet in Exmouth (pronounced "ex-muhth").

There was 100% cloud coverage as I turned off the only paved road with access to the peninsula's western side and drove toward Mauritius Beach.  The sign at the beach access point proclaimed "NUDIST BEACH."  I parked the campervan & marched purposefully over the sand dune, excited to finally experience this!
I swear, the older I get the more life has proven its irony.  Shakespeare's types of plays were labeled impeccably: comedy & tragedy.  As I stood atop the mound of sand, taking in the views of the churning Indian Ocean, not a single soul occupied the long shoreline.  I could have been fully clothed or butt-naked, it wouldn't have mattered because there was no one else to affirm that I was actually at a nude beach.  Like a cruel joke, I stood on Mauritius Beach, ready to bare it all and -- for once -- not care what others thought of my body, but alas, I was a one-woman show.


  1. "Murphy's Law" finds your post immensely entertaining. Thank you!

  2. Hi Jules! Can you believe it??? After all these years of wanting to go to one hahaha

    Do you have any freetime Wednesday (19 August) evening so we could Skype??


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