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To quote (from a blog entry of a global nomad) "It's huge to be able to split the cost of accommodation... to pass off the driving when your eyes are starting to flutter... the most important thing a travel buddy can do for The Sacred Bravery Trade-Off. Because it's hard to be brave. Impossibly hard. It's hard to always be the one thumbing the ride. The one approaching stranger after stranger to jump the dead battery."

Around 23:00 in the Arrivals terminal of Bergen, Norway, I was having a meltdown. After three weeks lived from a suitcase, delayed flights, missed connections & blatant lies from the customer service department of Scandinavian Airlines, now my credit card was not being accepted by Avis Rental Car.  To clarify, it was not being declined due to a lack of funds.  It did not have a faulty magnetic strip. Beforehand, the agency confirmed that my Discover card was accepted at this location, but now no amount of arguing or alternative soluti…