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My last day on the island of Caye Caulker was much slower-paced than the three prior.  I actually slept in & wasn't on a strict timetable because I was seasick from the combination of water taxi + snorkeling + journey to the Blue Hole.  However, the worst part of my trip thus far had to be la bicicleta a.k.a. the bicycle supplied by Hummingbird Cabin.  It was such a buzzkill.  Yesterday I returned home from a priceless day at Lighthouse Reef but my mirth fizzled as soon as I saw the decrepit bike, waiting to take me home.  It was a much quicker way to traverse Caye Caulker, but by this fourth day riding it was unbearable.  The seat had absolutely no padding so jostling over bumps was painful (having a sunburnt butt didn't help either); the handlebars were oriented so low that I resembled a hunchback on wheels; worst of all, the gear was stuck in fifth so it made even a flat, smooth ride a grueling work out.
However, that was also my favorite thing about the island of Caye…