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"Go slow"

"Abroad is the place where we stay up late, follow impulse & find ourselves as wide open as we are in love." -- Pico Iyer
The taxi halted a block away from el puerto & I emerged into the blinding, midday light.  A porter emerged from a shaded porch to transport our two roller bags the short distance.  He was disturbingly thin and dark-skinned, with bulging eyes, yellow teeth & skinny dreadlocks.  He looked stereotypically Caribbean/Garifuna (a group of Belizean people).
The short, Rastafarian porter removed my luggage from the taxi’s trunk, but I politely declined his help.  He ignored my request while I paid the driver.  When he picked up my suitcase again, I insisted he not help… but the porter was persistent too!  I knew this cat-and-mouse game having visited peddling countries before.  To the inexperienced traveler this sect of workers seems so friendly, helpful & nearby, until one of two scenarios ensued.  Either 1) you unknowingly were sucked in by their…