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"We walk by faith and not by sight."
-- II Corinthians 5:7 Surprisingly, I felt rested when my alarm rang at 8:00.I returned to McDonald’s to brush my teeth & put my contacts in.It was Day 5 and I was stiff from sleeping in a compact car & -- more accurately – my wreck on Vieques. Also, I had not technically showered since Day 2 (the evening after the bioluminescent bay tour).The backs of my legs itched inexorably & I pondered if that was the reason.Although I did not shampoo my hair or wash my body, I swam in the flowing [what I thought was fresh] water of El Cañon de San Cristbal yesterday.I thought that was better than not showering entirely, but now I questioned if I acquired some sort of river funk.
I utilized the very specific directions to Cueva Ventana.Thankfully, la autopista a.k.a. the highway was straighter, wider and better maintained than I was accustomed to since bisecting karst country.The gas station was unassuming & I zoomed past it like any i…


“Road trippin’ with my two favorite allies,
fully loaded we got snacks & supplies it’s time to leave this town it’s time to steal away Let’s go get lost anywhere in the USA Let’s go get lost, let’s go get lost Blue you sit so pretty west of the one, Sparkle light with yellow icing just a mirror for the sun… These shining eyes are just a mirror for the sun” -- Red Hot Chili Peppers[Road Trippin’]

I followed the helpful postman’s directions to find route 143 oeste – one & the same as La Ruta Panoramica.I admit I flew by the sign, but I was 90% sure it read este, instead of oeste.Perplexed, I back-tracked to a petrol station and asked [in Spanish] how to get to 143 oeste.In watered down Spanish (for my sake) the woman behind the counter repeated the same directions the postman gave me.I told her that was 143 este.She shrugged & admitted that was the only way she knew to 143 & the male employee next to her butted into the conversation in agreement.He identified that carreterra a…

Highs and lows [part II]

We turned around to face the tree that would belay us.I was somewhat hesitant to lean all my weight against the medium-sized tree perched on a steep slope.Yet, we lowered ourselves together – Gammiel on a separate line to my right.He verbally helped me correct my body position within the initial 15 feet, as it was a bit of an awkward position for a beginner like me.It was obvious Gammiel could rappel in his sleep, but he suggested I take it slow and enjoy everything. I was grateful for his empathy!
The rappelling rope was bouncier than I anticipated, and my left forearm was spared from having to do hardly any of the work. I stopped midway down the cliffside & took in all the scenery.I could see the waterfall – from top to bottom – to my left.Eventually I dropped onto the little, dirt platform 5 feet from the Charco Azul a.k.a. Blue Pool. On the grand scale of El Cañon de San Cristobal, we humans & the platform were the only small things I encountered all day.In fact, a flower…

Highs and lows [part I]

“Break through the undertow, your hands I can’t seem to find Pollution burns my tongue, cough words I can’t speak... So please believe your eyes, a sacrifice is not what we had in our minds I'm coming home tonight. We give it all, now there's a reason why I sing So give it all & it's these reasons that belong to me Today I offer all myself to this, I'm living for my dying wish. I give it all.Now there's a reason to give it all” -- Rise Against [Give It All]

The night started with me sleeping in a tank top and capris, but I felt like I was suffocating so I cracked the car windows and the coquis lulled me to sleep.Sometime in the night, I awoke & felt chilly, so I closed all the windows, pulled out one of my Delta Airlines blankets, zipped up a jacket, and fell back asleep listening to the coquis’ trance.I awoke a third time in the darkness and the jungle was silent. I was so cold I raised my hood, cinched it tight, unfolded my second Delta blanket over my face and…