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Over the edge

"What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier? Each moment seems split in two; melancholy for what was left behind and the excitement of entering a new land... wandering around our America has changed me more than I thought. I am not me any more. At least I'm not the same me I was." -- Ernesto "Che" Guevera
The publico I split with another couple lodged at Alta Vista was actually a white, 12-passenger van.It was not a short bus like I imagined.Jorge – the driver – asked each of us our thoughts on Vieques.Obviously, no one had a bad comment.Jorge & I continued charlar en espanol a.k.a. to chat in Spanish.I wondered if the young, American couple that sat together in the row behind was able to deduce any part of our conversation.I asked about Jorge’s family and vice-versa.He was married with a young child and surprised -- like so many people prior – upon hearing I traveled to Puerto Rico solitary.In Isabel II a.k.a. Isabel Segunda I paid Jorge and includ…

Vini, vedi, vici

I came, I saw, I conquered Vieques… or was it the other way around?I started the day with ten, long, clean fingernails.I ended the day with zero. I cannot recall how many hours I spent at Playa Media Luna a.k.a. HalfMoonBeach entranced by the tide pools, waving grass, wispy clouds and bay’s colors.Despite caking myself in SPF 50, I could not ward off the sun.My forearms were so hot and felt so uncomfortable I wondered if I really could fry an egg on them. I knew I would be unprotected again on the trails, so I put my Marmot back on.I continued along the singular trail that commenced at Sombe, lead to Media Luna and finished at – one of the locals’ favorite playas -- Navio.In the last 36 hours on Vieques I acquired more of a feel for the scooter but halted at a mudpit the entire width of the dirt road to analyze the situation.I noted three consecutive, enormous potholes in my path. An angel & a devil appeared on my shoulders to begin the debate.
Angel:You should turn back, Michelle.