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Rise & fall, rage & grace

"If you’re going through hell, keep going."
-- Winston Churchill

Before Mom & I set off for the city of Siena, we dined on the Hotel Della Signoria’s sunny rooftop terrace. Like déjà vu, the elderly woman with the warm smile greeted us sweetly with "buongiorno". Streganonna (not her real name, she just reminded me of the character from my childhood) was the only server and brought us the same "continental breakfast" which consisted of rolls, condiments and a carafe of arancia rossa juice.

We returned to Stazione di Santa Maria Novella (Firenze’s main train hub) in search of SITA – the regional bus depot. As reported by Lonely Planet it was located "on the western side". On Via Luigi Alamanni we passed a flower shop and a closed general store, but only found another platform – this one for electric trains. Nothing on this road resembled a bus depot. Mom & I wanted to solicit help but after the fiasco in Roma at Stazione Termini we needed t…