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The haunting

I don't think there is a word in the English language to describe how worn out Mom & I felt when we returned to the tour bus.  Like before, the bus curved around hairpin turns and missed hitting cars/walls by centimeters as we coasted down Mt. Vesuvius en route to Pompeii.  Added to the minor heat stroke, physical fatigue and overall exhaustion, Mom closed her eyes to fight the queasiness.  On the other hand, I was convinced I was going to die on these narrow roads with only a short stone barrier that kept the bus from plunging to its death over the mountainside.  I even asked my mom (who continued to keep her eyes closed) "don't you want to see how we're going to die?"  The sweaty Asian guy across the aisle chuckled.
We stopped for lunch in Napoli -- the birthplace of pizza.  Ironically, it was the nastiest pizza I've ever eaten!  It tasted like cardboard, with bland tomato sauce and minimal cheese.

We arrived at the outskirts of Pompeii and met our tour…