Feel the burn

Hiking The Valley Of The Winds backwards meant better views of the scenery and more uphill climbs.  When I arrived at the foot of the circuit's climax -- a massive, rocky mound -- my back was drenched in sweat.  I cannot recall a time I have ever been so wet with perspiration.
When I finally summited the hill, I plopped down on the nearest crag.  I was greeted by a gay couple from Sydney (originally from Poland) who witnessed my exhausting ascent.  They explained they rode from New South Wales on motorcycles.  The three of us reminisced about our respective homelands.  The couple highly recommended a natural hot spring (larger than a swimming pool) in between the park & Kulgarra (to the west) which, after my grueling hike, sounded so relaxing. 
I noticed some gorgeous birds & beautiful plant life on the return walk to my vehicle.  It turned out, even in the middle of the desert, life and color flourished -- although humans often were not able see it. 
The first thing I did when I arrived at the car was remove my boots.  No wonder I was in such anguish!  I had two horrible blisters on each of my big toes.  As usual, I was also sunburnt from being outside the majority of the day.  I returned to Yulara & had barely enough energy to get out of the car and shower. 
After my much-needed shower & a hearty dinner, I felt refreshed and awake.  I was excited for the Night Sky Show -- if you forgot, I signed up for it the previous night, but the show was cancelled due to the rain-- & to see the common (or in my case, not-so-well-known) constellations of the Southern Hemisphere. 

Once again, the outback's weather did not cooperate and the Night Sky Show was cancelled.  Although I planned to drive back to Alice Springs the following day, I had to make changes.  I was determined to study the stars!  The new itinerary was to attend the show and drive -- at least halfway -- to Curtin Springs in the late night.