I was thrilled 1) that my head didn't explode on the plane from the added pressure and 2) to be in Sydney!

My generous Mom let me have the window seat since she got a great birdseye view flying into the country internationally. Upon touchdown I spotted a vibrant rainbow above the control tower -- that has to be a good sign, right?
I was long overdue for authentic sushi, so we got word from a local to try Sushi-E, although he claimed it was a bit of a hike. Compared to our last hiking excursions, the flat terrain & distance to the restaurant was -- literally & figuratively -- a walk in the park. Sushi-E was a swanky lounge scene complete with dim lighting and couches/ottomans in the bar area. My sushi mantra: try rolls customized to the establishment. I opted for the "chicken kara age roll" which boasted teriyaki chicken, sweet omelette, darling mills cress & pepper cream, rolled inside out with jasmin rice (don't worry, the chicken was not raw). It was a party in my mouth! Mom & I also received complimentary dessert: vanilla pancetta & raspberry coule. It was the icing on the cake!

It was a cold night (clarification: "cold" since my time in Australia, not "cold" like Ohio winters) and we smelled the moisture in the air and on the sidewalks. Apparently it had been raining for the past week. As Mom & I ambled back to the Marriott we passed a building in the main shopping area of downtown Sydney with a lot of small cascades, backlit with changing colors. I liked the sound & sight of water amidst all the concrete. We also passed a few subway entrances -- something neither of us had seen it quite some time!
Mom & I continued to walk through the gorgeous & well-lit Hyde Park. Suddenly we noted animals, the size of large cats, scurrying across the lawns. I learned they were Possums (not to be confused with Opposums) everywhere. One was even climbing on a homeless guy asleep on the park bench!
Still fighting off a head cold, with my stomach finally full, in a warm, dry hotel room, in a new scene and grateful to have a few more days with my Mom, I slept peacefully.