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Home sweet home?

"On the road again
goin' places that I've never been
seein' things that I may never see again
& I can't wait to get on the road again,
On the road again
like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
we're the best of friends
insisting that the world keep turning our way, and our way
is on the road again"
-- Willie Nelson

I should have known the nights sleeping outdoors & jam-packed days would catch up with me. My throat was sore & my head was stuffed up. After we arrived at my au pair family's new house in Townsville, Mom & I watched Deal Or No Deal (my fav show here in Oz!) and ate out. The city, the second largest in Queensland, was crowded in anticipation for the first-ever Townsville V8 Supercar races that weekend.

Feeling crook a.k.a. sick and running a slight fever I pushed myself to show Mom Townsville's famed Strand. It reminded me of the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California, where I grew up. The Strand was a few kilometers of beach …