Language barrier

There are a lot of odd variations of language in Australia compared to The United States. A few examples:

Cotton candy / Fairy floss
Breakfast / Brekkie
Bathroom / Loo
Cardigan, long-sleeve / Jumper
Thank you / Ta
Clue (the board game) / Cluedo (This anomaly perplexes me the most. What's the point of taking a legitimate word & adding the sound "doe" at the end?!)  See also: Registration / Rego

The entire family & I are sitting at the dinner table. Bree (15 year old daughter) is raving about the new "Hiptop" cellular phone she wants. She asks me if we have it in the States. I reply "No, but we have something similar called the EnV."

A few minutes later I ask -- generally -- if Australians have "Blackberries"? Yasmin (mom) responds "Yes, but we call them Mulberries."

I say "Ohhhh, hmmmm, how funny! I've never seen one. Bree, you should get a Mulberry with all the texting you do."

Bree & Michael start howling with laughter and say "NO MOM! Michelle's talking about mobiles." ....Yasmin was talking about fruit.


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