Rip Van Winkle


That's right, April 15, 2009, did not exist! How many people can actually say that? Just those on the plane with me...

I'm still amazed that the human race even flies. When I saw the MASSIVE metal bird sitting on the tarmac I was sure it wasn't getting an inch (actually a millimeter -- gotta start talking metric!) off the ground.
Fiji -- even from the aerial/airport -- is heavenly; azure sky and sea; volcanoes; baby islands popping up everywhere.
Mackay, Australia (pronounced "muh-kye") is not what I expected. It's lush and green, and all the shops/houses are bungalows which reminds me of a jungle town. There were even wild turkeys in the middle of the street -- which is apparently normal! The weather is muggy and borderline too hot... and we're getting into the DRY season; wet is significantly more miserable. Basically, I'm a sticky, oily mess. Brief showers are common but due to all the sun everyone hangs their clothes on the line to dry, which I'm a big fan of!

The climate, metric system & the British lingo will take some getting used to on my part. The most difficult: driving. Just to illustrate my point...

...I emerged from the Brisbane (pronounced "briz-bin") terminal excited to be done with 15 hours of flying and enjoy the gorgeous weather. I looked left, no cars in sight, and bolted across the street, then screeched to a halt as a taxi zipped by from the right! My first moment in Australia & I almost myself killed because the U.S. drives opposite of the world!!!!


  1. Hey MeShell!!

    Love the Photos! Glad to see you made it okay, and survived your run in with the taxi. Hope you are having fun, and relaxing.

    Miss ya


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